Athcourt Lane is a boutique hotel proposed for Newcastle CBD off King Street. Utilising one of the dingy and forgotten spaces at the heart of many Newcastle city blocks, the tower extends vertically like an organism morphing and reacting to view corridors and opportunities.

The practice of buying airspace as utilised in many global cities allows the low value site to be transformed into prime real estate. The arrangement of the floorplan orientated towards all the city’s major landmark’s acts to align guests to the city’s attractions. In this way it also acts as a way finding device for guests, creating curiosity in the mind of the observer to explore an unfamiliar city. Cave like deeply recessed secondary views from each hotel suite provide privacy and highlight snap shot views of little city details, offering a unique experience of the city. 

Project Type: Hospitality 

Size: 11,000sqm (17 storey) 

Project Architect: Andy Carson

Status: Unbuilt

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