This modest two bed guest house explores the vernacular farm shed, with a plan that’s charmingly simple yet highly considered in its detail. Located on a quintessentially NSW South Coast dairy farm. The design explores the vernacular steel portal frame typology in a highly refined and detailed way. The simple rectilinear floor-plan aligned with the long edges facing North/South, sets up a strong primary axis as these also make best use of the ocean and rural views. The other strong axis is that of the East/West which aligns with the inner circulation path and the other major view to the signature Illawarra escarpment in the west. The point of intersection between these axis forms a runway of timber decks on either side of the building. At the point of entry, a framed view through the building to the ocean on the south side is formed.

Project Type: Single residential

Size: 125sqm

Project Team: Andy Carson, Tom Potter, Alvin Tsang

Head Contractor: Bellevarde Constructions

Structural Engineer: Ken Murtagh 

Hydraulic Engineering: Cram Fluid Power

Surveyor: Allen, Price & Scarratts 

Photography: Michael Nicholson, Tom Blachford, Kate Ballis  

"The best farm buildings you’re likely ever to see. " -Opumo  Magazine (UK)

"One of the most attractive projects we've seen in a while"  The Coolector

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