"An exemplar of adaptive reuse...  " - Habitus Living

Designing a kitchen and serving space in a former garage that allows home cooks and entrepreneurs to sell their local produce from home is a perfect solution for a covid world.

This unique intersection of private and public spaces is far more likely and achievable as councils relax restrictions, neighbourhoods are busy with work from home employees and people are looking at ways to supplement severely impacted salaries.

HouseLab and Atelier Andy Carson explore the ways to create a more ‘walkable’ neighbourhood and to create an interface with the home and the street, blending hospitality and residential design and also providing a secondary income.

Project Type: Residential/Hospitality

Size: 50sqm

Project Team: Houselab, Andy Carson & Shaghig Nalbandian

Imagery: Mr. P  

ConceptSpaces is a HousLab initiative.


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